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Carlos Toxtli-Hernández is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science. He applies Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence to the design of tools that promote fair and frictionless interactions in the workplace. He applies the A.I. ethical principles of transparency, fairness, and inclusion in the design of socio-technical systems. His work contributes to the Future of Work. In the past, he worked at United Nations, Google, Microsoft Research, and Snap Inc, among other companies where he developed innovative tools to empower people through technology. His research has been published in top venues, awarded, and covered by international media. His passion for using technology to help individuals grow at their job has led him to become a tech evangelist facilitating the continuous learning of adults.  He has given more than a hundred talks at conferences around the world. He is also a serial entrepreneur, creating multiple startups focused on fintech, e-commerce, automation, bots, and education.


Artificial Intelligence portfolio

I have implemented Artificial Intelligence techniques in the following areas:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • MATT: Bot that delivers micro-tutorials via chat and retrieves feedback from experts.
  • TaskBot: Research and development of a bot that helps teams to delegate tasks.
  • HolaGus: Development of a chatbot platform for Whatsapp and Facebook.
  • YBot Studio: Co-founded a company for the development of customized chatbots.
  • Computer Vision (CV)
  • DeepStab: Real-time Video Object Stabilization tool by using Deep Learning
  • DeepPiracy: Video piracy detection system by using Longest Common Subsequence and Deep Learning,
  • Multimodal Analysis for emotion recognition
  • MultiAffect: Reproducible Research Framework for Multimodal Video Categorization and Regression Tasks
  • Quantum Machine Learning (QML)
  • Drug Discovery: School of AI fellowship advisor of a drug discovery machine learning algorithm by using Quantum Computing.
  • Automatic Video Editing
  • AutomEditor: Video blooper recognition and localization for automatic monologue video editing
  • Music Generation
  • Hum2Song: Multi-track Polyphonic Music Generation from Voice Melody Transcription with Neural Networks,
  • Content moderation
  • UnfairReviews: System that detects inaccurate and unfair reviews given to gig workers.
  • ID Extraction and validation
  • Kosmos: Design and development of Machine VIsion algorithms to validate identity.
  • Recommendation systems
  • ExpertTwin: Enhanced workspace by an AI agent that provides content to knowledge workers.
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Teaching materials in Interactive notebooks format: Notebooks adapted to run in Google Colaboratory
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Fraud Detection
  • Compropago: Co-founded a platform that automates the payment gateway and detects malicious transactions.
  • IoT Telemetry
  • Aztek: Co-founded a company that automates parking; the IoT devices are able to detect irregular behaviors.
  • Teaching
  • Coursework
  • Books (Technical editor)
  • AI related talks



Northeastern University

Ph.D. in Computer Science

West Virginia University (WVU)

Visiting Scholar & Ph.D. student

Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM)

Master in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship

IEDE Business School, European University of Madrid

Master of Business Administration

University of the Valley of Mexico (UVM)

B.S. in Computer Science and Information Systems

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

B.S. in Computer Engineering


Professional Experience

Clemson University

Assistant Professor

  • Main Responsibilities:
  • Effective August 2022
  • Leading the AI for Human Empowerment Lab

Northeastern University

Graduate Research Assistant

  • Main Responsibilities:
  • The design, development, and evaluation of A.I. tools to enable the Future of Work
  • Main Achievements:
  • Publish research papers.


Research Intern

  • Main Responsibilities: Research and development of tools that understand context-aware user behavior.
  • Main Achievements:
  • In progress

 Microsoft Research

Research Intern

  • Main Responsibilities: Research and development of tools that enable assisted document comments management. Worked under the guidance of Elnaz Nouri, Robert Sim, and Ryen White.
  • Main Achievements:
  • The first study about understanding the taxonomy of comments in documents. The outcome was a dataset and a Multi Context Neural Network architecture based on BERT for classifying comments to implement automatic comments triage.

Twitch (Amazon)

Twitch Research Fellow

  • Main Responsibilities:
  • Research.
  • Main Achievements:
  • Crowd + AI-powered tools that can help Twitch moderators to fight disinformation & hate speech in live streams.

 GitHub (Microsoft)

GitHub Campus Expert

  • Main Responsibilities:
  • Enrich technology communities.
  • Main Achievements:
  • Empower developers.

 School of AI

AI Dean & Research Advisor

  • Main Responsibilities:
  • Promote AI technologies in the region
  • Main Achievements:
  • Building a community and teaching about AI implementation

 Microsoft Research + AI

Research Intern

  • Main Responsibilities: Research and development of bot that helps teams to delegate tasks. Worked under the guidance of Andres Monroy and Justin Cranshaw.
  • Main Achievements:
  • The bot was developed and deployed during the internship.
  • Performed user studies and published a research paper.

 West Virginia University

Research Visiting Scholar & Graduate Research Assistant

  • Main Responsibilities:
  • The design, development, and evaluation of bot-mediated systems.
  • Publish research papers.
  • Main Achievements:
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence projects: DeepStab, DeepPiracy, Hum2Song, ExpertTwin, MultiAffect, and AutomEditor.
  • MATT: Bot that delivers micro-tutorials via chat and retrieves feedback from experts.
  • Meta Gig: A Sharing Economy 2.0 platform that enables non-technical people to create sharing economy platforms.
  • Reputation Agent:  System that detects inaccurate reviews given to gig workers.
  • Learnteer: Bot that helps learners develop new skills through volunteering.
  • SocialVaccines: Platform that performs contained attacks and delivers security courses to vulnerable people.


Technical Solutions Specialist

  • Main Responsibilities: Designed and developed tools to improve education in all public elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in Mexico, especially focused on CS curriculum in full coordination with the federal government.
  • Main Achievements:
  • The design and development of “Drive Sync” tool, which synchronizes the content of over 2 million tablets that were given to children of the 5th and 6th grades nationally.
  • The design of an Android development curriculum and training for all high school professors at the national level (around 150k CS students).
  • Design of a programming curriculum for all elementary schools nationally using Scratch (starting pilot could reach over a million children).
  • Research paper “Quantifying the Economic Value of Tablets for K–12 Education”.
  • Evaluation of device management and anti-theft solutions for governments. Android for Work and different MDM platforms were evaluated.


Technical Program Manager

  • Main Responsibilities: Designed and developed fully-functional and customizable software integration solutions that allowed schools to use Google products and technologies to improve teaching, learning, and administration, helping students to solve their educational needs. Evaluated networking and software projects proposed by universities and partners, and provided advice on the best way to design cloud-ready solutions for all community members.
  • Main Achievements: 
  • Products developed
  • Followed the entire product life cycle (proposal, technical design, development, reviewing, and publishing) of “Account provisioning for Google Apps” API, which is now published in  Google’s official Github.
  • Developed Groups Generator for Schools Add-On, a tool that creates users, groups, calendars, shared folders, sites, circles, and org units in bulk using a CSV file. Developed using Apps Script.
  • Developed multiple integration snippets using Google Apps Script to solve common Education use cases.
  • Content generation: Published the Google plugins on Moodle official site and created the content of the section “Systems Integration” in Google for Work Connect platform.
  • Integration: More than 100k users provisioned in schools of Africa and America.
  • Public speaking: More than ten public talks/webinars on behalf of Google.

 United Nations


  • Main Responsibilities: Content management for UNESCO, UNICEF, and UNDP agencies.
  • Main Achievements:
  • Developed a program and system to promote reading which was implemented with government collaboration for all of Mexico’s high school schools. This impacted over 3 million students.
  • Information gathering system.
  • Digital communication strategy.

🏫 Piura University


  • Main Responsibilities:
  • Deliver graduate level seminars.
  • Summer course: BigData, Machine Learning & Business Intelligence
  • Main Achievements:
  • Students were able to apply cutting edge technology to their projects.

🏫 International University Center (CUIN)

Teaching Professor

  • Main Responsibilities:
  • Deliver undergraduate level courses
  • Spring course: Leadership
  • Fall course: Digital marketing course
  • Main Achievements:
  • Students created their digital portfolio and exposed their work.


Chief Technology Officer

  • Main Responsibilities: Innovation lab coordination
  • Main Achievements:
  • Design of security tools based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation of the processes involved in credit granting.


Chief Technology Officer

  • Main Responsibilities: Leading the SaaS development team.
  • Main Achievements:
  • Planning the next-generation community engagement platform
  • Defining data-driven strategies.


Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

  • Main Responsibilities: Leading the platform development team.
  • Main Achievements:
  • Design and development of the Learning Management System.
  • Design and development of the Talent Acquisition System

 YBot Studio

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

  • Main Responsibilities: Leading the bot development team.
  • Main Achievements:
  • Multiple bots developed for national and international companies.
  • The most common bots were in the following areas: Customer service, Human Resources, Computer Vision, E-commerce, and Education.


Chief Technology Officer

  • Main Responsibilities: Leading the development of a digital concierge service. It is the most used personal assistant in Mexico.
  • Main Achievements:
  • Designed and developed an administration dashboard in which users, bots, and operators can interact and coexist.
  • Implemented AI in chatbots to take orders of common automatable tasks such as flights, reservations, and food delivery.


Co-Founder Chief Information Officer

  • Main Responsibilities: Technical leadership. Funding raising.
  • Main Achievements:
  • Developed the biggest cash payment solution in Mexico with a network of 130K points of payment.
  • Designed and developed API endpoints and bank bots.
  • Acquired by Coca-Cola FEMSA

 Aztek Technologies

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Among the largest projects was a welfare system that was developed for the government and ran on over 10K mobile devices, and benefitted close to 23 million people.

 Real Estate Group

Chief Technology Officer

Managed the network, developed the website and started the data center from scratch, and the uptime was 99%.

 Anahuac University

System Administrator 

Interconnected 300 institutions and integrated the systems between them.

 Computer Science and Engineering Teacher

Worked for 11 years as a CS teacher covering over 15 different topics with

over 30 particular clients and over 200 students.



  • Exceptional understanding of Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Software Architecture, Distributed Computing, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Cloud, Data Analysis/Processing, and UX technologies.
  • Research: Quantitative Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, Mixed Methods, Causal Inference, Scientific Paper Writing, Research Grant Writing.
  • Programming languages: Python, Javascript, R, HTML5, CSS3, Java, C, C++, PHP, SQL, C#, Ruby, Go, ASP, ActionScript, Visual Basic, and many others.
  • Databases: BigQuery, Postgresql, Mysql, MongoDB, Hadoop, SQL Server, DB2, Informix, Orange, SQL and NoSQL engines, BigData tools, and many others.
  • Cloud & Distributed computing: AWS, Google Cloud, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Heroku, OpenShift, BlueMix.
  • Artificial Intelligence: TensorFlow, Keras, SciKit Learn, Caffe2, Weka, Pytorch, CNTK, DL4J, Numpy, Theano, among others. RNN, CNN, multiple deep learning algorithms for multimodal image, video, audio and text features.
  • Natural Language Processing: NLTK, spacy, OpeNER, Stanford NLP,,,, Watson NLP, among others.
  • Networking: Wired and wireless network design, configuration and installation, Firewall configuration, Linux firmware development, among others.
  • Hardware: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Adafruit, Microcontrollers, PIC, Wearables, Internet of Things, DIY robots, among others.
  • Multimedia: Video and Audio tools, 3D video (stereoscopic) and 3D audio, up to 32 speakers.
  • Other: Quantum Programming, Cognitive Computing, Brain-Computer Interfaces programming, Drone programming, 3D sensors programming, Entrepreneurship, and innovation techniques.





Scientific - Paper/Journal/Chapter

Quantifying the Invisible Labor in Crowd Work
Carlos Toxtli, Siddharth Suri, Saiph Savage
ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work
, CSCW 2021, Impact Award, Virtual
PDF] [BibTeX] [Video] [Website] [Code]

Research Methods to Study & Empower Crowd Workers
Saiph Savage, Carlos Toxtli, Eber Betanzos
Book Chapter in Research Methods for Digital Work and Organization, Oxford University Press 2021.
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Reputation Agent: Prompting Fair Reviews in Gig Markets
Carlos Toxtli, Angela Richmond, Saiph Savage
The Web Conference, WWW 2020 (A.R.19%), Taipei, Taiwan
PDF] [BibTeX] [Video] [Website] [Code]

Becoming the Super Turker:Increasing Wages via a Strategy from High Earning Workers
Saiph Savage, Chun Wei Chiang, Susumu Saito, Carlos Toxtli, and Jeffrey Bigham
The Web Conference, WWW 2020 (A.R.19%), Taipei, Taiwan
PDF] [BibTeX] [Website] [Code]

Understanding Chatbot-mediated Task Management
Carlos Toxtli, Justin Cranshaw, Andres Monroy-Hernandez
CHI: ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, paper 2018 (A.R. 23.8%), Canada.
PDF] [BibTeX] [Video]

Meta-Gig: Empowering anyone to create crowd marketplaces
Carlos Toxtli, Saiph Savage
Advances in Human-Computer Interaction. 2020 Nov 30(1):11-9.
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Enabling Expert Critique at Scale with Chatbots and Micro Guidance
Carlos Toxtli, Saiph Savage
Advances in Computer-Human Interactions, 2020 (A.R. 28%), Valencia, Spain
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ExperTwin: An Alter Ego in Cyberspace forKnowledge Workers
C. Toxtli, M. Maurier, C. Flores-Saviaga, S. Singh, T. Bankole, M. Cantley, A. Entrekin, A. Ribot, S. Reddy, R. Reddy
IEEE Smart Data 2018, Halifax, Canada
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LuzDeploy: A Collective Action System for Installing Navigation Infrastructure for Blind People
Cole Gleason, Dragan Ahmetovic, Carlos Toxtli, Saiph Savage, Jeffrey P. Bigham, Chieko Asakawa
W4A (Web For All), paper 2017, Australia
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Botsourcer: Crowdsourcing Volunteers for a Political Cause using Online Bots
Carlos Toxtli, Claudia Flores-Saviaga, Saiph Savage.
The 66th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, 2016, Japan.
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Visualizing Targeted Online Audiences.
Saiph Savage, Angus Forbes, Carlos Toxtli, Grant McKenzie, Shloka Desai, Tobias Hollerer.
COOP: Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems 2014: Springer. France.
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Understanding the Crowd Markets that Workers and Requesters Imagine
Carlos Toxtli, Juan Pablo Castillo, Alberto Campos, Benjamin V. Hanraha, Kotaro Hara, Chris Callison-Burch, Jeffrey Bigham, Kristy Milland, Abigail Adams, Saiph Savage
CI, ACM Collective Intelligence Conference Series, 2019, Pittsburgh
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MultiAffect: Reproducible Research Framework for Multimodal Video Classification and  Regression Tasks
Carlos Toxtli, Salvador Medina, Saiph Savage
OMGBook2019: Neural and Machine Learning for Emotion and Empathy Recognition
PDF] [Interactive]

Migrating from Classical Machine Learning to Quantum Machine Learning: an overview and case study on Drug Discovery
Yash Patel, Carlos Toxtli
School of AI, Research Fellowship 2019
PDF] [Interactive] [BibTeX]

Social Media, Civic Engagement, and the Slacktivism Hypothesis: Lessons From Mexico’s “El Bronco”
Philip N. Howard, Saiph Savage, Claudia Flores Saviaga, Carlos Toxtli, Andres Monroy-Hemandez
Journal of International Affairs, Columbia, SIPA
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Experimental Study of User Interactions with Social Media Spam
Thomas Kyankoa, Katerina Goseva-Popstojanovaa, Carlos Toxtli, Saiph Savage
Leidos Research Fellowship
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Nintendo Wiimote for Arm and Wrist Therapy in Stroke Survivors with Upper Extremity Hemipariesis
Ron S. Leder, Gil Azcarate, Rodrigo Savage, Saiph Savage, L. Enrique Sucar, David Reinkensmeyer, Carlos Toxtli, Emilio Roth,
Ariel Molina. IEEE Virtual Rehabilitation 2008. Canada.
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Scientific - Other Formats

Empowering workers with Artificial Intelligence tools
Carlos Toxtli
Doctoral Consortium, Ninth AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing (HCOMP 2021).
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Designing for the Invisible Global Workers behind our A.I. Industry
Carlos Toxtli, Anastasia Lucas, Eeshani Mondal, Dmitry Ustalov, Saiph Savage
ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, CSCW 2021, Workshop, VIdeo format, The Global Labors of AI and Data Intensive Systems, Virtual
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Daemo: A Self- Governed Crowd Marketplace
Stanford Crowd Research Collective, Saiph Savage, Carlos Toxtli, Michael Bernstein.
UIST: ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, posters 2015.
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Enabling Expert Critique with Chatbots and Micro Guidance
Carlos Toxtli, Joel Chan, Walter Lasecki, Saiph Savage
CI, ACM Collective Intelligence Conference Series , 2018, Switzerland
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AutomEditor: Video blooper recognition and localization for automatic monologue video editing
Carlos Toxtli, Chun-Wei Chiang, Saiph Savage
Interactive Research Paper
PDF] [Interactive]

Bots for Crowds
Carlos Toxtli
Doctoral Consortium, Sixth AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing (HCOMP 2018).

BotViz: Data Visualizations for Collaborations With Bots and Volunteers
Carlos Toxtli, Claudia Flores-Saviaga, Flor Aguilar, Alejandra Monroy, William Dai, Juan Pablo Flores, Nedda Amini, Jeerel Herrejon, Shloka Desai, Norma Elva Chavez, Saiph Savage
CSCW: ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work,
posters 2016.
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A Social Crowd-Controlled Orchestra
Saiph Savage, Norma Elva Chavez, Carlos Toxtli, Salvador Medina, David Alvarez, Tobias Hollerer.
CSCW: ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, posters,  2013.
PDF] [BibTeX]


Hum2Song Multi-track Polyphonic Music Generation from Voice Melody Transcription with Neural Networks,
Carlos Toxtli

AutomEditor: Video blooper recognition and localization for automatic monologue video editing

Carlos Toxtli

Multimodal Emotion Recognition at utterance level by using spatio-temporal feature fusion of Body poses, Face gestures, Text, and Audio Features

Carlos Toxtli

Deepiracy: Video piracy detection system by using Longest Common Subsequence and Deep Learning,
Carlos Toxtli, Claudia Flores-Saviaga

Deepstab: Real-time Video Object Stabilization tool by using Deep Learning
Carlos Toxtli, Claudia Flores-Saviaga

ExperTwin: An Alter Ego in Cyberspace for Knowledge Workers
Carlos Toxtli, Claudia Flores-Saviaga, Marco Maurier, Amandine Ribot, Temitayo Samson Bankole, Alexander Entrekin, Michael Cantley, Salvi Singh, Sumitra Reddy, Yenumula. V. Reddy.

Docs2Web turns any Google Docs document into a modern Website
Carlos Toxtli

Multimodal spatio-temporal action recognition applied to video bloopers for automatic video editing
Carlos Toxtli
Reproducible academic publication,
In progress

CiuData:  Designing Smart Cities for Conversations between Governments and Citizens
Carlos Toxtli, Saiph Savage
Campus Party, Zapopan, Mexico, Technical report

The Crowd Markets Workers and Requesters Imagine
Carlos Toxtli, Juan Pablo Castillo, Alberto Campos, Benjamin V. Hanraha, Kotaro Hara, Chris Callison-Burch, Jeffrey Bigham, Kristy Milland, Abigail Adams, Saiph Savage


Using Bots with Micro-Guidance for Expert Online Critique
Carlos Toxtli, Joel Chan, Walter Lasecki, Saiph Savage

Learnteer: Guided Volunteering for Quality Workand Professional Development
Carlos Toxtli, Claudia Flores-Saviaga, Andres Monroy, Walter Lasecki, Saiph Savage.

Enabling Expert Critique at Scale with Chatbots and Micro Guidance
Carlos Toxtli, Joel Chan, Walter Lasecki, Saiph Savage

Micro-Apprenticing: Guiding Volunteers with Online Expert Strangers,
Carlos Toxtli,  Claudia Flores-Saviaga, Joel Chan, Walter S. Lasecki, Andres Monroy-Hernandez, Saiph Savage,

Using Bots and Experts to Facilitate Online Tutorials
Carlos Toxtli, Joel Chan, Walter Lasecki, Saiph Savage



Inside Music YouTube Edition: VR Web 360-degree music with AI. This is a demo that transforms a YouTube video into five stems by using AI and distributing the sounds around a room. It can be tested from a web browser or with Virtual Reality headsets.

Hum2Song : AI-powered web application that is able to compose the musical accompaniment of a melody produced by a human voice. This tool is powered by new models ported to tensorflow.js and existing Google Magenta models #MadeWithMagenta.

MusicAroundMe: This demo separates the instruments from a Youtube song and makes them fly around you. This demo uses spatial audio, and headphones are required to detect the pan of each instrument in the room.

MultiAffect : Reproducible Research Framework for Multimodal Affect and Action Recognition at Utterance-Level with Spatio-Temporal Feature Fusion by using Face, Instantaneous Emotions, Audio, Text, and Body Features

AutomEditor: AutomEditor is an AI-based video editor that helps video bloggers to remove bloopers automatically. It uses multimodal Spatio-temporal blooper recognition and localization approaches. The models were trained in Keras and integrate feature fusion techniques from the face, body gestures (skeleton), emotions progression, and audio features.

Docs2Web : Online tool that turns any Google Docs document into a modern website. This is especially helpful for documents that constantly change or collaborative documents where multiple people update them.

VR Web 3D News Visualization: WebGL application that is able to gather tech news from different sources and show them structured on different 3D arrangements. This tool supports VR headsets for an immersive experience.

VR Web Music Visualization Game: This is an enhanced version (Mod) of the popular MoonRider music video game. This demo is compatible with Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and modern browsers.

Minimum Fault Detection: This tool lets users visualize all the possible failures that can happen on an interconnected set of components.

Benchmark of web-based face detectors: This is a collection of web-based face detectors that can be implemented statically. These are the cleanest implementations of existing technologies that let users focus on their processing instead of the camera implementation component.

Google Play and App Store reviews downloader: This is an online tool that downloads the reviews from mobile applications from Google and Apple stores. This is an example of how we can run a web browser within a notebook to navigate a website and extract information. It is also an updatable notebook link that does not need to change the code every time that the repository is updated.

Quantum Machine Learning Interactive Paper: This interactive paper shows how people can migrate classical algorithms to equivalent quantum approaches. It showcases a case study based on Drug Discovery in which it describes the required processes to adapt existing algorithms.

Text Classification AI Workshop: This Jupyter notebook explains how to extract information from the internet and how to train different types of text classification models. The given example gives an idea of how to detect fairness in reviews. At the end, it provides a playground to try with input data.

Awesome Machine Learning Jupyter Notebooks for Colab: This is a curated list of Machine Learning and Deep Learning notebooks that are adapted to run in Google Colaboratory.

Lip Phonetics app for ASD children: This app teaches how to articulate and pronounce a word after touching a pictogram. It shows a video of lips saying the word while singing. After each word, there are funny sounds. it is especially helpful for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is optimized to prevent being closed by kids.




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Academic and Professional Projects

2000 - 2013        More than 100 projects among which are the following:

ComproPago (Startup,HTML5,Ruby,node.js,Bootstrap)

Government “Oportunidades” System (Architect, Java Oracle)

Behavioral Oriented Trading Robot, semantic bot (Startup,Matlab)

Social Bot (Developer, C#)

Yellow Pages Bot (Developer, C#)

Forecasts Melate Bot (Developer, PHP consola)

SocialQuery Social Capital managment (Research,HTML5,Facebook,Linkedin)

SIE  (Parking system) (Architect, AIR)

Ideanimate (Developer,node.js,MongoDB,isomorphic javascript)

FitChallenge Social weight loss (Startup,HTML5,Android,iOS)

7eleven Augmented Reality Finder (Contest,AR,7Eleven APIs,iOS)

Parking system that uses telemetry (Developer, PHP con Mysql)

Tracking System for courier company (Developer, PHP con Mysql)

Web Based Business intelligence system (Developer, Javascript webservice client)

System for the control of Influenza for the government (Developer, ASP MSSQL)

E-Learning platform (Project Manager, Java MSSQL)

Search Engine Optimization services (Implementer, SEO)

Electronic billing system (Developer,Java,Spring,Struts,Oracle)

System for United Nations to encourage reading (PHP, GIS,Stata)

Google Drive Graphic Explorer (Contest,HTML5, Google API)

YoutubeMaps, NASA Contest (Contest,HTML5,NASA APIs)

PagaSitio (Developer,HTTP 1.1, PHP)

MyCurriculum, resumes platform (Startup, HTML5)

Robotic Contest 2009 (Developer, C para micro micro controllers)

Intelligent Being Oriented Programming paradigm (Developer, C )

Neural networks for room allocation (Developer, Java)

Categorization of unstructured data (Developer, Machine Learning)

Plate recognition by vision (Developer,C OpenCV)

Banking robot, automated bank (Startup,Sikuli,python,java)

Vulnerability Scan for UNAM (Analyst, WhiteHat)

Creating audio format for 32 speakers (Inventor, Parallel Computation)

Experimental 3D Laboratory (Owner,32 speakers 3d audio and 3D video)

Stereoscopic 3D Videos production (Editor, Blender, Stereoscopic)

Videogames XBox 360 and Wii (Developer, XNA DirectX Flash API)

Easy Context Menu Tools (Developer, C# Windows Shell)

Virtual Hardware Streaming (Developer, C++)

Multitouch DJ interface (Contest, Microsoft UIST, .NET)

Collection system NEXTEL (Developer, J2ME)

Taxis Airport System for the Mexican International Airport (Developer, C# CF)

Bus tickets system (Developer, C# Compact Framework)

Abuntool (MultiPlatform Generator) (Founder,PHP,Javascript,iOS,Android,Genetic Algorithms)

Issuing ticket machine Driver (Developer, Python)

Bluetooth bomber (Developer, Python)

Biometric security system (Developer, Java)

Magnetic cards security system (Developer, Python)

System-tone telephone system (Developer, Visual Basic)

ToxCore ultraligth linux distribution (Inventor, TinyCore)

Gyroscopic file sharing (Contest,HTML5, Synaptics API)

Interaculta, NUI cultural system (Startup,Kinect,OpenNI)

Router with Linux embedded customization (Developer, Linksys)

Mobile database engine (Developer, J2ME)

Mysql UDF Serial port controller (Developer, Mysql API)

Wan2Tree, non-centralized network driver (Developer,Java, Microsoft Pastry)





  • Music composition: Stereo (2 channels), 5.1 (6 channels), 7.1 (8 channels), 28.4 channels (32 channels)
  • Traveling
  • Countries visited: Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America
  • Develop personal projects and experiments.
  • Raise Matthew and Naomi Toxtli
  • Hiking


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